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*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase risks of food borne illness. 




Korean | Sweet Chili | Garlic Parmesan | Plain


Cheesy Mozzarella Bread  

Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and garnished with parmesan butter and marinara.  $12


Pork Tinon

Pork fried crispy then tossed with tomatoes, onions, shoyu and vinegar.  $17


Volcano Wedges   

Potato wedges topped with cheese, bacon, green onions jalapenos and spicy aioli.  $15

Furikake Calamari

Panko fried calamari with furikake, green onions, spicy aioli and kabayaki drizzle.  $17

Tropics Chicken Wings

Choice of sauce:

Buffalo | BBQ | Angry | Garlic Teriyaki

Sweet Chili | Lava | Korean |Plain   $14

Ahi Poke Nachos  

 Shoyu poke, tomatoes, onions, spicy aioli, furikake and green onions.  $22

Lobster Nachos

Lobster meat, spicy aioli, kabayaki, furikake and cucumber kimchi over won ton chips.  $29

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut panko breaded shrimp with sweet chili dipping sauce.  $15


Krabby Cakes

Two breaded krabby cakes with spicy aioli and topped with cucumber relish.  $18


Panko Crispy Shrimp

Panko breaded crispy shrimp, lemon, caper tartar and cocktail sauce.  $16


Thick Cut Fries   $7

Onion Rings w/ Ranch   $10

Cucumber Kimchi   $8

Seasoned Potato Wedges   $8



Caper Tartar


Garlic Teriyaki

Buttermilk Ranch

Sweet Chili


Spicy Aioli

Blue Cheese


Add Protein to Any Salad


Fresh Catch $12 | Grilled Chicken $8

Grilled Shrimp $10 | Steak $12

 ½ Lobster tail $17 | 6 OZ Lobster tail $25


House Salad 

Local mix greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions with shallot vinaigrette. $16/9


Caesar Salad   

Local romaine, parmesan tossed in a Caesar dressing and topped with garlic croutons. $16/9


Tomato Mozzarella  

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and onions over local greens with balsamic vinaigrette. $17/9


Romaine Wedge   

Local baby red romaine, bacon bits, onions, croutons, blue cheese, croutons and buttermilk ranch.  $18

Burgers & Sands

½ lb. beef burgers served with local lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on a brioche bun with thick cut fries & pickles.

Big Island Tap Burger   $18

 Melted cheddar with Special Tap sauce.


Add Ons: + $2 each:

Bacon | Sauteed Onions | Mushrooms Avocado | Jalapenos | Cucumber Kimchee    Blue Cheese | Crispy Onions



Gluten Free Bun $2 | Sub Garden Patty $2

Sub: Caesar, House Salad, or Onion Rings $5

Ka Moa Sandwich   $18

Chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, onions & bacon with melted Swiss cheese on a brioche bun.


Choice of:

 Grilled or Crispy

Buffalo | Sweet Chili | BBQ | Teriyaki

Angry | Lava | Plain


Fish Sandwich   MP

Grilled catch of the day with lettuce, tomatoes & onions with caper tartar on a brioche bun.


Add Ons:

Tails up:  ½ Lobster Tail   +$17 // Add on Parmesan Bread +$2



Chicken Alfredo   $25

Grilled chicken breast tossed in a creamy alfredo sauce with linguine.


Lobster Mac n Cheese   $36

Creamy four cheese sauce, lobster chunks, spinach, onions, mushrooms tossed with penne pasta.


Shrimp Linguine   $28

Marinara | Pink Rose | Alfredo |Scampi

Shrimp sauteed in garlic butter with spinach tossed in linguine pasta & choice of sauce.


Seafood Linguine   $34 

Marinara | Pink Rose | Alfredo | Scampi

Shrimp, scallops, and fish with spinach tossed in linguine & choice of sauce.



Buffalo Chicken Penne   $28

Grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions, bacon & blue cheese in a buffalo cream sauce tossed in penne pasta.


Steak & Lobster Penne   $38

Steak and lobster meat with bacon, mushroom, onions, spinach cream sauce with melted mozzarella & parmesan cheese.


Cioppino Prawns   $29

Jumbo prawns in rich tomato and vegetable broth with linguine pasta.

Off The Grill Frys

Korean Short Ribs  

Marinated and grilled Korean short ribs served with steamed rice, vegetables, and cucumber kimchi. $33


Reef and Beef Platter

Korean BBQ short ribs, ½ lobster tail grilled, three coconut shrimp with mashed potatoes, vegetables served with melted butter and sweet chili sauce. $45


6 oz Lobster Tail   $25 | ½ Lobster Tail $17

Fried Shrimp $10 | Grilled Shrimp $10

Ribeye Steak

10 oz Ribeye steak seasoned, grilled with vegetables, mashed potatoes, and finished with a garlic compound butter. $42


New York Steak

8 oz New York grilled, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. $29


Pork Chop

12 oz frenched Pork chop grilled over mashed potatoes and vegetables. $31


Pineapple Miso Pork

Slow braised pork with a pineapple miso glaze, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. $29


BBQ Adobo Ribs 

Braised pork ribs in an adobo sauce then broiled, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. $28


Chicken Mushroom

Grilled chicken breasts with miso mushroom cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. $27

Seafood and Stir

Krabby Cake Entrée  

Three krabby cakes with cucumber relish, lemon butter sauce, mashed potatoes, and veggies. $35



Choose your style:

Drunken: served with sauteed onions, mushrooms-spinach in rum soy glaze & rice.

Saucy: served with a lemon caper cream sauce, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.


Grilled ½ lobster tail, three coconut shrimp and a Krabby cake, cucumber relish and a lemon butter cream sauce with vegetables over mashed potatoes.

Crispy Shrimp Platter  

Served with thick cut fries, lilikoi slaw, tartar, and cocktail sauce. $28


Choose your style:

Classic: Plain crispy

OMG: Tossed in orange mango ginger glaze.

Ula’Ula: Dusted in blackening Cajun spices.


Lobster Entrée  

Two 6 oz lobster tails with melted butter, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. $60

Fish & Chips   

Panko breaded flaky white fish, served with thick cut fries, coleslaw, caper tartar & cocktail sauce. $23

Substitute onions rings +$5

Scampi or Drunken Prawns

Jumbo head-on Prawns (7) | Vegetables | Mashed Potatoes or Steamed Rice


Choice of: Garlic Scampi or Rum Teriyaki   $31

Tropics Stir Fry

Served with steamed rice with furikake, and house vegetables in a garlic teriyaki.

Shrimp Stir Fry… (6) Shrimp   $28

Chicken Stir Fry… Chicken Breast   $25

Vegetable Stir Fry… House Veggies $24

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